Makom RUS company will take part in FoodTech Ural 2020


Macom RUS has been supplying high-quality natural flavoring ingredients for the food industry from the United States to the Russian market from leading US manufacturers for 15 years.

Makom RUS company will take part in FoodTech Ural 2020
  • Butter Buds – natural flavor concentrates with the taste of butter, milk, cream and cheeses;
  • Blue Mountain Flavors – natural thermostable flavorings of a gastronomic profile;
  • International Bakers Services – thermostable flavorings;
  • Virginia Dare – natural extracts and flavors.
The range of application of these ingredients is very wide: they can be used in almost any branch of the food industry. The offered products have passed the test of time and consumers and have developed a good reputation in the Russian market.
Macom RUS employs professional technologists with extensive practical experience in creating flavoring solutions in various sectors of the food industry. Extensive theoretical knowledge and constant practice in conducting laboratory experiments and industrial developments allows to minimize the time- and resource-intensive of finding a good taste solution.

The company is in close contact with its customers. The company's specialists provide recommendations on the use of flavorings in various types of finished products, publish scientific articles, and participate in exhibitions and conferences.

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