Labels and stickers from the Chameleon printing house will be presented at the FoodTech Ural 2020


Company Chameleon has been operating in the market of the Ural region since 2004. Chameleon specializes in the production of printing products of a wide profile.

Labels and stickers from the Chameleon printing house will be presented at the FoodTech Ural 2020
The main profile of the company includes the production of labels on a roll, tags and nameplates, road and railway signs, and screen printing.
At FoodTech Ural 2020, the company will present roll label options suitable for different types of products:
  • Labels made of semi-gloss paper. This type of label is recommended to use exclusively in enclosed spaces; it does not tolerate moisture, direct sunlight, and significant temperature changes. It is suitable for labeling products that subsequently will be in favorable conditions;
  • ECO thermal label is made of paper that does not have a protective coating; it is used in stores before the sale of the goods or is used for products with a limited shelf life;
  • TOP thermal label is recommended for labeling non-food and food products, including frozen foods, products containing fats, products that come into contact with moisture or are stored at high humidity;
  • Self-adhesive thermal transfer labels are used for marking durable goods, for marking products with a barcode at various stages of production. This type of label is not afraid of high or low temperature, as well as mechanical abrasion. Thermal transfer label’s period of use is more than a year;
  • Polypropylene film label in a roll. Self-adhesive polypropylene materials can be very thin. Due to its high strength and small thickness, the synthetic label will be almost invisible when you stick it to the packaging. In this way it is possible to achieve the illusion that the image or text is printed directly on the surface of the package;
  • Plastic labels in a roll are used for various purposes: for clothes, electrical wires, packaging and goods, labeling plants. Plastic labels are needed to ensure the safety of the image for a long period or if the conditions of finished labels using is not aligned with room conditions.


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